Brought to you by: Julie Jones – Product Co-ordinator

Ship: Silversea, Silver Explorer
Sailing: 7 x nights
Destination: Longyearbyen (Norway) return
Itinerary:  Arctic Expedition
Personal Holiday – July 2017


  • The Arctic region is a vast area. This 7 day Expedition Voyage visited the Svalbard Archipelago.
  • It was an awe-inspiring experience visiting the ‘top of the world’ and an experience that remains so clear in my mind. An area so pristine and untouched by the human race.  The only sounds we heard were of the wildlife going about their daily lives, icebergs lapping against the water and ice breaking from glaciers.
  • We spotted Polar Bears hunting for food, walked on the tundra alongside Walrus and Arctic Foxes and rode in Zodiac boats past glaciers and icebergs.

Top Tips

1. You will receive a journal with your final documentation – read it in detail! Most importantly, familiarise yourself with the section about what to pack for your Arctic Expedition. You are a given an amazing warm jacket to wear, (and to take home with you), which is ordered in your preferred size prior to the Expedition, but you must bring other clothing essentials that will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions. Boots can be hired online and will be waiting for you in your suite, which saves having to travel with these in your suitcase from home.

2.  Bring your camera and take lots of photos, but also consider buying the photo/video DVD shot by the on board photographer. The compilation is the ‘best of’ your trip and a great souvenir for yourself and something to brag about to family and friends! They cannot truly appreciate the experience you have had without having been there themselves, though this goes a long way to travel envy!

3. Attend the lectures that take place on board at the end of every day. They are an interesting wrap up discussing the day you have just experienced, and an informative briefing about the day that is to come tomorrow.

4. Ask lots of questions of the Expedition Staff. They are knowledgable, passionate, and experienced in the area that you are visiting. You won’t meet a more inspiring bunch of people!

5.  Don’t rely on the itinerary stated in your cruise paperwork. Being an expedition cruise, the daily itinerary is dependent on the weather conditions, wildlife activity and discussions between the ship’s Captain and the Expedition Leader to ensure that the opportunities for adventure and exploration are the best possible.

6.  The Polar Plunge – Do not miss this opportunity if it is available! Only a few will dare to try this; you will jump into the Arctic Ocean from the edge of a Zodiac boat and be pulled back out by staff within a matter of seconds. Then its back to the sanctuary of the warm ship with the offer of a hot chocolate, or a nip of brandy!  For this experience you will receive a certificate of completion as a souvenir of your once in a lifetime experience!

7. Even though the destination is first and foremost on an Expedition Voyage, Silversea offers an all-inclusive, ultra-luxury on board experience. All suite accommodation, butler service, fine dining, lavish surroundings and a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio.

An expedition voyage is for curious travellers who want to experience, not just see. It is for people with a spirit of adventure and a passion for exploring a region that few ever visit, and who want to immerse themselves in the destination with like-minded travellers.