Brought to you by: Nathan Burke, National Account Manager, Silversea

Ship: Silversea, Silver Wind
Sailing Dates: 12 July 2022 x 9 nights
Destination: Arctic – Tromso to Reykjavik
Itinerary: Tromso, Bear Island, Svalbard – Southern and Northern Region, Jan Mayen Island, Iceland – Stykkishólmur, Flatey, Reykjavik


  • Service. Before I had even made it onto the ship, I could already see the signature leading service that Silversea is famous for first hand, when I was asked no less than 5 times if I could be assisted with my hand luggage. With nearly one staff member available to every guest and around-the-clock, dedicated butler service in all suites, the level of personal service on Silversea ships is unparalleled.
  • The Suite. I was taken to my deluxe Veranda Suite by my personal butler. Inside and out, the Veranda Suite provides a generous expanse of signature Silversea comforts. Before leaving, my butler Abi asked what drink I would like stocked in my minibar. Sure enough, every day it was refilled with my choice of beverages. That first night sliding into bed, I could instantly appreciate the fine linen.
  • The Region. When I am choosing my next trip, I choose the destination first. Then I decide the most ideal way to experience it. And for this region, an expedition voyage is a must. Svalbard is known for its rugged terrain and glaciers. It is situated in the High Arctic midway between Norway and the North Pole and is relatively ice-free during summer, presenting rare opportunities to explore the landscape. An expedition with Silversea is unlike any other form of travel. When sitting on your balcony or stepping ashore on a shore excursion, you are instantly aware, you are in one of most remote regions on the planet. But in many locations, it feels like you are on another planet.
  • Wildlife. I always tell guests, the same thing I told myself before I departed, “Don’t expect to see a polar bear because you may not see one”. We were lucky enough to see two. The Expedition staff are highly skilled in locating these amazing animals, roaming the area. We were also lucky enough to see the enormous Walrus which weighs up to two tonnes. How they are able to move their bodies is fascinating. They are easily spooked so when you are ashore watching them, ensure you are quiet. Also, make sure you aren’t downwind from them. The smell is not pleasant. We also saw a number of different breeds of Whales – Minke and Orca. Plus we saw Reindeer and and an array of birdlife including the Puffin.
  • Intimate Small Ships: The Silver Wind is inviting and intimate and has a capacity of 274 guests. This is a key point of difference for Silversea ships. They are designed to create space for fewer guests. It is readily apparent when there are no queues when you arrive at a restaurant, no queues at the lift, no queues at reception and there are plenty of empty seats and tables at the various public spaces on board. Also, getting off the ship for your zodiac excursion is fast and easy due to the limited number of guests on board.
  • Dining: The very first dinner I had on board I was presented with a difficult choice. The Lobster Tail of the Eye Filet Steak. The waiter had a solution. “Let me get you both”. Excellent suggestion. Surf and Turf in the Arctic. Silversea offer gourmet excellence. There was also destination-focused cuisine at The Restaurant, offering a Norwegian inspired 4 course meal. On board the Wind there is also La Terrazza offering authentic Italian recipes. Plus – La Dame, which is French for ‘The Lady’. We enjoyed an evening of a special set bespoke menu of regionally-inspired dishes in an intimate, elegant setting. My favourite though was The Grill, by day it serves burgers and other great casual meals. Each day may bring different options too. One day it may offer a Mexican lunch. Another may be a seafood soup. At night though The Grill features lava stone cooking at its finest. Sourced from volcanic rock and placed in an oven to reach an optimum temperature of 400˚C, The Grill invites guests to cook their food directly at their table. You can then place your meat, fish or vegetables on top of the grill stone and then simply cook to your very own taste. My selection was the Rib Eye steak and Prawns.
  • All-inclusive: There is a certain relaxation that comes from not seeing any prices on the food and drinks menus. A certain relaxation that comes from not having to sign dozens of those little receipts to charge items back to your room. Silversea is now more all-inclusive than ever, and have become the first cruise line to introduce private executive transfers for your clients’ convenience and peace of mind. In addition to roundtrip economy airfare, reduced
    business class air (or air credit), inclusive shore excursions and renowned onboard amenities and services. When you don’t have to think about anything else, you truly can allow yourself to be immersed in the travel experience.

Top Tips

1. Wildlife expectations. Don’t travel expecting to see Polar Bears, Blue Whales, Narwhal or any other specific wildlife. If and when you do see them, it will make the experience even more special.

2. Pack accordingly. Your Silversea Parka is included. Waterproof gum/muck boots and waterproof boots are recommended and can be hired or bring your own.

3. Take a camera. Bring a good digital camera with a good zoom lens. This will ensure you come home with the best pictures possible for lasting memories.

4. Know your limitations. Some shore excursions such as a hike may be difficult. You can expect to see an option to join a fast-paced hiking group or a more leisurely-paced hiking group.

5. WiFi. The Wi-fi coverage in some of the most remote areas of the planet was excellent. I was able to FaceTime my children every day. If you want to stream your favourite Netflix show while you are away, you will need to upgrade to Premium wifi.

6. Plan to Be flexible. In a region where the itinerary is so dictated by weather, and sea conditions which changes by the moment and is often unpredictable, embrace the unexpected.

7. English onboard. Silversea Expeditions are managed and run in English which is a big advantage for Australian travellers.

8. Know what’s important to your clients. Silversea have superior focus on – Destination, Service, Dining, Suite Size and Personalized Experience

9. Classic and Expedition cruising. Ensure guests understand the difference between a Classic and Expedition voyage with Silversea.

10. Small ship cruising. Know what sort of ship your clients want to travel on. Silversea offer 12 Intimate Luxury Ships with no more than 728 guests